Data Visualization.

We deep dive into your data and bring out some interesting visualization from it. Whether your data is in spreadsheets, statistical files, text files, PDFs or stored in databases. We ensure the best solution in terms of quality, turnaround time and resource optimization.

Text Analytics.

Our multiple-platform expertise facilitates interactions with diverse range of text data. We have the wide range of capabilities starting from cleaning to unlocking insights from an unstructured text-data. These can be fed into various sub-systems to churn out reports, visuals, analysis and much more..

Quantitative Finance.

We have years of experience around quantitative finance along with extensive knowledge of various asset classes. We provide services around back-testing trading strategies, carrying out various complex calculations and deriving various ratios.

SDG Tracking.

We have expertise in delivering analytics solution around UN sustainable development goals. Depending on your requirements, be it pure play data analysis or complex spatial analytics, we can deliver the rights solution at optimal cost.

Survey Analytics.

Our team members have done mid to large scale survey analysis ranging from country-level to sub-district-level. We have expertise in data collation, cleaning, analysis and visualization of survey data.

“We have a long term relationship with Klaymatrix. They are experts in quantitative finance with excellent data analytics skills. We wish them all the best.”

Matt Amberson, ORATS

“Klaymatrix perfected an invoicing system to our exact needs. Always quick to answer questions and excellent service post delivery. We will work with them again.”

Oliver, Margy’s, Monte Carlo

Working with the team at Klaymatrix has been exceptional! We started with a project that was very complicated in terms of the visualization and data analysis and Klaymatrix was able to solve the problem in record time. We have worked with other visualization providers and have never had work product produced this quickly or as expertly. The end result is something we are extremely proud of and will be continuing to work with their team on multiple projects on a go forward basis. Klaymatrix is our choice when it comes to all things data and we can’t recommend them highly enough. You won’t be disappointed! We are more than happy to provide verbal or written recommendations should anyone need them as our experience has been first-rate! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Arlene Battishill, Ph.D., Pre-Emptive Strike Consulting, Inc.