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Excel for data analysis

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About Course

Are you new to Excel or at times get stuck working on it ? Then this course will help you get all the fundamentals of excel, spreadsheets, data analysis and other useful concepts. By the end of the course you would be able to work with data through you excel in a smart way, including working with data using various excel tools and techniques. Learning excel would definitely add to your datascience skills, giving you that extra visibility for the hiring managers if you are a job seeker and also enhance your team visibility if you are a working professional. A must have skill in any professional field, whether you are doing hard core data analysis or just doing your routine work, a sound excel knowledge is a skill that sets you apart from the crowd.
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What I will learn?

  • Learn how excel works
  • Key concepts like cell referencing that form the backbone spreadsheets
  • Using key functions like vlookup to get you going with any kind of spreadsheet
  • Develop understanding about analyzing data with excel using concepts like pivot tables

Course Curriculum

Basics of excel
In this section, we will cover briefly about excel, shortcuts, data types and other interesting aspects of excel

  • Dataset for download
  • Introduction to Excel
  • Create your excel environment
  • Data types
  • Excel Short Cuts
  • Quiz-Basics of Excel

Cell referencing, Error Handling and Filters
In this section we will talk about: 1. Cell referencing, the backbone of excel spreadsheet 2. Error handling 3. Filters

Working with text
Text or Strings form a major component of data analysis. This section will talk about how to work with text data. The section has been divided into 3 separate sub sections for ease of learning.

Advance Excel
In this section we will cover some advance topics like: 1. vlookup 2. data validation 3. pivot tables 4. conditional formating

Course Completion (Required for certification)
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Student Ratings & Reviews

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6 months ago
Excellent course on excel for beginners and intermediate level users !!

A course by

Founder at Klaymatrix Data Labs

Material Includes

  • Topic wise instructional videos
  • Quizzes to check progress
  • Downloadable exercise sheets
  • One-year free access
  • Verified certification on successful completion


  • Microsoft Excel 2016 or above is recommended
  • Internet connection


Target Audience

  • This course is meant for anybody looking to learn excel and make inroads into datascience
  • No programming or technical experience required

Get Certified

One successful completion of the course you can easily download your certificate with authentic ID and same would also be available under your profile page.

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